As a mother, Diana is invested in creating products that help build confidence in women and especially, mothers. With her Glowtopia face oil, her goal was to hydrate tired skin. Being a mom, she knows the struggle and wants to give back to her mommy community. With her body oil Glowette, she aspired to bring the elasticity back into her skin after having two kids.

What's next for the brand? Diana intends on bringing new ingredients from all over the world to a bathroom shelfie near you. "I am in search of cool new ingredients that will heal people's skin,” she says. “I also want my products to all have their own stories and identities like people, hence each product will have its own name." Diana Madison Beauty isn't just a beauty brand — it's a lifestyle for those women who want to be empowered and look their best, all while juggling their kids and empires.


Diana Madison Beauty

Diana Madison Beauty is a clean beauty brand created by beauty influencer Diana Madison to help sensitive skin. "Since I suffer from eczema, I was determined to create products that healed my skin, protected it from the environment and prevented future breakouts," Diana says.

Diana Madison Beauty products have become popular among the top makeup artists and beauty influencers. "I am Middle Eastern and I love to wear makeup,” Diana says. “I wanted to make skincare products that would complement my makeup." Diana Madison Beauty products are a staple in the makeup kits of Hollywood makeup artists.

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